Activities here at SWE - UPRM

Professional Activities

SWE UPRM is committed to developing the leadership skills of its members. Info sessions and workshops are organized with different companies previous to the Job Fair, so that members acquire basic skills of networking, tips for job interviews, preparing resumes, etc. SWE UPRM also participates in Engineering Week (eWeek).

Social Activities

At UPRM there is also time to have fun and meet new people. During the semester, SWE UPRM organizes social events so our members can interact with each other. Don't miss the opportunity to build new friendships and share some laughs at volleyball tournaments, bowling nights, karaoke nights, etc.).


Our Outreach Committee seeks to increase the student interest in the engineering field, especially in women. Why join it? You get to work hands-on with students from elementary, middle and high school through a series of fun and creative activities that promote our beloved engineering fields. Sometimes students do not get the adequate information as to what’s out there and the opportunities you can get, so the best approach is to show them the variety of things you can do in this specific profession. The Outreach Committee from the UPRM section has done activities like the “Engineering Walk of Fame”, where four different schools attended this event and visited each engineering department around our campus and got an insight on what each engineering field does. We do other events like our famous “Shadow Day”, where students shadow our SWE members and take their classes throughout the day. SWE needs you! It’s always interesting to make activities that challenge and show students their potential to be an engineer. So join us now! And be part of our next generation’s inspiration to become engineers.

National and Regional Conferences

Every year, SWE organizes two large-scale conferences. One is the National Conference (in October or November) and the other one is a Regional Conference (in March or April), attended by members of a particular area. Puerto Rico is part of Region D, the U.S. southeastern states. These two conferences bring together professionals and students from different parts of United States to participate in seminars and workshops for professional development. There are also social activities, tours of the premises of prestigious companies and a job fair.

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Professional SWE Puerto Rico Meeting, Gurabo PR

Relay for Life 2010

Susan G. Komen For The Cure

With Eileen Velez, Region D Governor and Nora Lin, SWE President at Region D Conference 2010

Beach Cleaning Rincon, PR